Activities and Objectives

The Portuguese Textile Cluster assumes as main strategic objectives:

Sharing information and strategic thinking;
Design the cluster internationally;
Streamline ID + I and interclustering opportunities;
Promote the execution of structuring projects;
To promote the spillover effect to the sector as a whole.

Thus, aligned with the established in its mission and vision, the Textile Cluster defined as strategic activities to develop:

Mobilize for the formulation of strategic thinking in areas such as: talents, training and education; research, development and innovation; sustainability; creativity and fashion; internationalization and access to public markets; financing; relations between clusters;

Facilitate the elimination of overlaps and conflicts in collective interventions and, in areas not covered by its members, to promote such interventions;

Empowering complementarities;

Promote the Cluster image both nationally and internationally;

Facilitate the emergence and development of networks and value chains with a stronger position in innovation and external markets;

Monitor activities of collective nature oriented to the cluster;

To collaborate with official or public interest entities in the area of ​​its main object, with a view to creating the conditions for carrying out the mission;

To promote contact activities, information sharing and mutual recognition among members, namely tertúlias, seminars, colloquia, conferences, etc .;

Provide its members with the support needed to defend their interests.

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