ADMANTEX2i main objective is to lead international cluster cooperation in advanced manufacturing and advanced textile materials as an enabler for globally competitive sustainable products functional in a broad range of high-end applications.

Its strategic cooperation vision is that digitalization is key enabler for both sectors to boost circular economy business solutions to strengthen resilience and to drive the recovery growth the economic opportunities of European SMEs.

ADMANTEX2i brings together the different insights gathered in previous projects to step up internationalization of their members.

The ADMANTEX2i partnership is composed by six European clusters: three advanced textile materials clusters AEI Tèxtils , coordenador, ATEVAL, Cluster Têxtil/CITEVE and and three advanced manufacturing clusters PRODUCTECH, EMC2 e AFIL



International business missions

Cross-partnership webinars

Circular economy business models

Digitalization driver and cross-sectoral approach

Lessons in building industrial resilience









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