CLAMTEX main objective is to strengthen cluster management excellence of the participating European clusters to boost their specialized innovation eco-system by facilitating the cross-sectoral and cross-regional collaboration to facilitate the uptake of digitalization within and beyond the partnership with the implementation of ClusterXchange pilot scheme.

CLAMTEX is a strategic project for all partners as it will enable the alignment of each individual cluster strategy with the RIS3 priorities at each region and the uptake digitalization as a common driver for growth and innovation towards excellence. CLAMTEX will also favor the cross-regional value chains involved and foster the cross-regional cooperation with specialized eco-systems across Europe with strong focus on the industrial smart specialization priorities where all partners are already active.

CLAMTEX will also drive a long-term cooperation strategy among the partners in order to foster cross-regional and cross-sectoral cooperation among all participating clusters with particular emphasis on the uptake of digitalization in the textile sector benefiting from advanced production systems and manufacturing.

CLAMTEX partnership is composed of 5 clusters:AEI TèxtilsATEVAL, Cluster Têxtil/CITEVE, PRODUCTECH e EMC2.

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