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Weaving the Future


Do not miss the “Des(a)fiando o Futuro” Webinar, organised by the Textile Cluster in collaboration with Magellan, on November 18th at 9:30.
The webinar is part of the Cluster’s Tecer o Futuro campaign, and during this online session, the members of the HLG will discuss the Cluster’s strategies and plans for the future. The panellists will reflect on the importance of having a collective voice, through solidarity and cooperation, for the Textile Industry.

Speakers include Clementina Freitas, LATINO, Isabel Furtado, ATP, Braz Costa, CITEVE, João Brandão, ERT, Manuel Gonçalves, TMG, Miguel Pedrosa Rodrigues, PEDROSA & RODRIGUES and Paulo Melo, SOMELOS.

You can register here.

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