TEXGLOBAL in Portugal

On the 13th of October, the consortium partnership of TEXGLOBAL (Portuguese Textile ClusterAEI TÈXTILSATEVALNTT and TECHTERA had its first presential meeting in Porto, Portugal hosted by Portuguese Textile Cluster/CITEVE.

The general objective of the TEXGLOBAL project is to support the growth, the competitiveness and industrial modernisation of European Textile enterprises in long run by enhancing its innovation capacity. SMEs of European Textile sectors have to confront daily with increasing competition. SMEs have to increasingly integrate their activities into global value chains by mean of new cooperation. A partnership composed of main Textile clusters in Europe will allow providing SMEs with specialised business support services such as specific and strategical contacts from the target market, the organisation of international study visits, partnering missions, matchmaking events and incoming events. The activities of TEXGLOBAL project will support European SMEs to identify growth opportunities worldwide, raise their excellence and innovation capacities in a global ecosystem. Textile industry sustainability is based on the innovation process that brings to new products, applications, markets, production processes and services, and in this project will be transferred to SMEs the importance and, then the methodology, to find a right partner to develop, prototype and produce an innovative Globally Competitive Material, Product or Service. The TEXGLOBAL internationalisation strategy for SMEs addresses the following countries: Mexico, USA, Vietnam.


More news to come soon! Know more: https://www.linkedin.com/company/texglobal/

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